Welcome, Cleopatra & Murdock

We continue to make changes in our female VALORANT team to reach new heights.

Today we are pleased to announce our new VALORANT player Esra "Cleopatra" Çolak and our Second Coach and Analyst Evrim Barış "Murdock" Sarıaltun.

Cleopatra brings new energy to our team with her role as a Duelist, while Murdock will play a critical role in this process.

We can't wait to see our team on the server after the recent changes!

Our current female VALORANT roster:

Esra “Cleopatra” Çolak
Buket “Purple” Yağcıoğlu
Nehir “Anva” Dinçer
Bahar “Miona” Yılmaz
Beyza “Panamera” Özen
Eylül Sudem “Miyori” Sarıoğlu
Begüm Gül “RoseHeus” Karakoyun
Anıl “Noffe" Turan (Coach)
Evrim Barış “Murdock" Sarıaltun (Second Coach and Analyst)
Damla “Appledog” Tural (Manager)

Many thanks to OtherSide Esports for their professional approach during the transfer process.