Farewell, stikle-

After working together for 1 year, we have decided to part ways with stikle- today.

stikle- joined the team last year, and together we formed a new and young roster and took important steps for the future of Sangal. But change is an inevitable part of life and Counter-Strike.

Thank you for all the values you have added to us so far, Klesti, we wish you success in your new career!

We spent 1 year together, creating beautiful memories with Klesti. He contributed a lot to our players with his character, discipline, and dedication. We knew how to stand together in both success and failure, supporting our players in every outcome. Now, it’s time for him to chart a different path in his career. I thank him for everything he brought to Sangal, and I wish him success in his new journey.

Hamza Sönmez, Sangal Gaming Group CEO

I would like to thank Klesti for our journey together for 7 months, his work & especially for his dedication to be a better person every day & to push everybody on this same path. 

I’ve learned a lot by his side and even if we didn’t succeed to get trophies we still all improved a lot together. Thanks for that; enjoy your next adventure, mate.

Robin “Srab” Borget, CS2 Manager, Sangal

Today marks the end of a remarkable chapter with Sangal. As we bid farewell, let us carry forward the memories we’ve shared, the challenges we’ve overcome, and the successes we’ve achieved. It has been an honor to work alongside such dedicated individuals, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have been part of this journey. As we embark on new paths, may our experiences with Sangal continue to inspire and guide us. Wishing each of you the very best in your future endeavors. Farewell, Sangal family, and thank you for the incredible moments.

Klesti “stikle-” Kola, CS2 Coach, Sangal

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