jottAAA joins Legacy

We are delighted to announce the joining of rising Turkish talent Samet “jottAAA” Köklü to our team on loan from Eternal Fire.

jottAAA has been making a name for himself in the Turkish Counter-Strike scene and FPL as of late. He will officially join our team for our ESL Challenger League Season 47 match on April 2nd.

We would like to welcome him to the team and wish him the best of luck.

Hello everyone, firstly I want to mention that I am super excited to play for Sangal. I am fully motivated to learn and achieve new things. 

I will do my best to prove my worth and give my everything to make this team succeed. See you on the server!

Samet “jottAAA” Köklü, CS2 Player, Sangal

I’m thrilled to welcome jottAAA to the team. His exceptional skills, positive attitude, and strong drive for success have truly impressed me. 

The future looks promising for Sangal as we move forward!

Jimmy “Jumpy” Berndtsson, CS2 Coach, Sangal

We have started a new roster shuffle phase and we are hopeful for the future with Samet joining us.

We are in a good position in the ECL, and we believe that we will get one step closer to our goals with Samet. This is a good chance for him to show himself, and we have no doubt that he will make the best of this opportunity for both his own career and Sangal.

I would also like to thank the Eternal Fire management for all their support in speeding up the transfer process.

Hamza Sönmez, Sangal Gaming Group CEO

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