Sangal is European Champion and part of the ESL Pro League S20 with an amazing winning streak!

Sangal had a gruelling road to qualification, earning their spot in the ESL Challenger League Playoffs by defeating B8, TSM and brazylijski luz in the Stage 2 Medium Seed group to secure a spot in the lower bracket.

In the playoff stage, Sangal defeated 9 Pandas, 3DMAX, SAW and Aurora with a dominant performance. After these matches, Sangal defeated SINNERS in the Playoffs Consolidation Final to qualify for the ESL Pro League S20. With the qualifying objective achieved for the world’s premier CS2 league, Sangal defeated Movistar KOI in the ESL Challenger League Grand Final in a match in which Sangal started 1-0 down due to being in the lower division, to claim the $15,000 prize and the title of European Champions!
With 10 consecutive wins in the ESL Challenger League, the team broke the club record with a roster that was only 2 months old. The team of promising youngsters will travel to Malta for the ESL Pro League from the 3rd to the 22nd of September. Meanwhile there are several tournaments coming up.


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