Welcome, Jumpy

Today, we warmly welcome Jimmy “Jumpy” Berndtsson as head coach of our Counter-Strike team.

We know Jumpy from his time coaching the legendary Fnatic roster between 2016-2019, winning multiple tournaments during his three years with the organization. He also had stints with North and most recently G2 Oya for a year.

As we approach the third term of our international team project, we believe Jumpy will perfectly fit for the development of our young team.

I’m very happy to get the opportunity to work with Sangal. They have a young team with a lot of promising talent and I’m very excited for what we can achieve together.

Jimmy “Jumpy” Berndtsson, CS2 Coach, Sangal

It’s a real pleasure and honor to start working with Jimmy. He is an experienced and talented person and we all gonna learn a lot by his side. Let’s make this new journey a great one, all together.

Robin “Srab” Borget, CS2 Manager, Sangal

After Klesti’s farewell, we discussed what was missing, identified points of growth and decided Jumpy’s experience will help develop our young players, take some of the things off LNZ’s shoulders, make pracc’s more efficient and help unlock our potential.

Hamza Sönmez, Sangal Gaming Group CEO

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