Sangal is thrilled to announce its new partnership with Arko MEN!

Sangal is thrilled to announce its new partnership with Arko MEN! 

Amsterdam-based esports organization Sangal, which continues to expand rapidly to the global esports scene with its story that started in Turkiye, will now be partnered by Turkiye’s leading beauty and personal care brand Arko MEN.

Within the scope of the partnership, brands will engage with the young esports audience by producing fun and creative multi-channel digital content, as well as special experience focused events and co-branded product activities. In addition, Sangal jersey will feature the Arko MEN brand mark during the partnership. 

Sangal fans will have the opportunity to get to know Arko MEN products more closely with the content that will be launched exclusively for the Arko MEN partnership. In addition to product awareness, they will also be able to see personal care routines of the professional Sangal players. Arko MEN’s pre-shave, after-shave and razor blade product ranges will be available to all Sangal teams to show off-game support. 

Our professional players know that in order to put up a competitive performance in the in-game, good self-care and preparation in the off-game is required. We are the perfect match with Arko MEN to show the reality of this statement. We will show our fans these points of esports that have not been emphasized before with our entertaining content series.

Aren Ünal, Sangal Gaming Group CMO

As Arko MEN, we believe that esports is the right area for us to reach the new generation. We are thinking of getting involved in esports-specific planning. In this context, we are very excited about the idea of working with Sangal, as they have deep knowledge in esports and a large male audience. Our goal is to enable male players to focus on their personal care outside the game, empower their confidence, and support their lifestyle. This is the right time to set a unique example with these goals.

Merve Erkaya, Evyap Digital Marketing Manager

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